International Students

AFAA International Students

Welcome to the beautiful port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia where your education and dream of being a flight attendant takes flight! Our city is very welcoming to newcomers and offers beautiful views of the ocean, interesting historical sights and a vibrant, diverse culture.

Nova Scotia is known for being a launching pad for international students’ careers and life in Canada. The city boasts many international restaurants and local shops to visit when you are not studying. Our city is affordable and offers many of the convenient aspects of big city life with a small-town feel.

We are proud of our East Coast hospitality and can’t wait to welcome you into our college!

The Atlantic Flight Attendant Academy is located conveniently on the main thoroughfare in the center of the city. Accommodations can be found nearby and the college is accessible by public transit. We have small class sizes which ensure more attention from the instructor for each student. Airlines operate at a rapid pace; at the AFAA we take the time to ensure understanding before moving onto the next topic and can offer individual help sessions if required. We want all of our students to succeed and we understand the importance of cultural sensitivity in the work place.

No Visa is required for our Flight Attendant Programs.

"The program has been both educational and exciting. I've made lasting friendships and have gained the knowledge needed to prepare me for my future as a Flight Attendant. I would recommend the program to anyone who has the dream of becoming a Flight Attendant."
- Kaylee O'Connor

AFAA's international partners

International Partners

We are very proud to be the International Sister school with the following institutions in China!

  • Suzhou Number 4 School, Suzhou China
  • ASIC Air Service International Class University, China
  • Huaide College, Jingjiang, Jiangsu, China

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