Prospective Student FAQ

Atlantic Flight Attendant Academy students reviewing safety equipment

What are the pre-requisites for the programs at the AFAA?

Acceptance to the Atlantic Flight Attendant Academy requires:

  • Excellent English communication skills
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Must be 18 years or older at time of attendance

Is there employment available for AFAA graduates?

Airlines are continually hiring and there is a growing need for in-flight personnel worldwide. Our graduates are employed in Canada and abroad with typical placement rates from our classes being 86%! With the right insight, preparation and knowledge from the AFAA you will increase your employability ten-fold.

What makes the AFAA different from the other Flight Attendant programs in Canada?

We are the only dedicated, full-time program that specializes in Flight Attendant training in Canada. Why learn about ticket booking programs or tourism packages when all you want to do is fly?

Our small class sizes with experienced instructors ensure your college experience is personal and relevant. The curriculum is updated to ensure the newest industry standards.

Our tuition is the lowest in the country for the hours taught and our hands-on approach to the course content means you get immediate feedback and valuable coaching for your flying career.

In an industry where your professional look and demeanor are as important as your safety training, we give personalized attention and suggestions to look the part so that airlines will focus on your experience, not your grooming!

Do I need to attend this college to become a flight attendant?

Airlines are looking to invest in people who have already invested in themselves. What makes you more valuable to the airline than the next candidate? How will you stand out from the thousands of other candidates who all have customer service experience? The AFAA gives you the knowledge and tools to succeed! Airlines contact us to hire our graduates. 

Do you have to be bilingual to be a flight attendant?

You do not have to be bilingual to be a flight attendant; however, the more languages you speak the more valuable you are to the airlines! This is why the AFAA teaches French in tandem with its Flight Attendant program to give you the advantage over others when it comes to the selective airline hiring process.

Does the program offer hands-on training?

Yes! We are pleased to provide hands-on instruction to students in-person which allows us to give feedback during role-play and live drills. We also provide valuable direction in terms of grooming and professional deportment as well as interview practice and industry insight.

Does the AFAA offer accommodations?

We are pleased to provide a list of accommodations upon request; also, refer to the following links:

  • Off Campus Accommodations search: Atlantic School of Theology, King’s College, Saint Mary’s University & Dalhousie University.